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Me & Christoffer has been talking awhile about going to Preikestolen (Preachers Pulpit). I also promised you guys to go there once more after we got the drone.


Preikestolen / Preachers Pulpit

We decided Friday morning to take the trip after Christoffer finished his work.
It took some time before we where ready and headed for Preikestolen.

While we drove I checked the weather forecast again and the weather should be fairly great.
However we had another dilemma, our time. The sunset would happen around 21:12 (9:12 Pm). We started driving around 15-16:00 (3-4pm) and its a 3-4 hour drive as well as it will take about 1-1,5 hr to get to the top.



When we finally arrived, we packed our things and started the hike right away. Got a bit worried if we would be able to make it to the top or not before the sun disappear.

We where lucky, we arrived at the top in the very prime time and got lots of nice pictures and videos.
But our luck was about to run out…
It got dark, like really dark really fast… And ehh.. We kinda had to get back down.
After taking our time, we manage to get back down by using our iPhones as our flashlight.

The excitement

We got so excited with all the new footage we got from Preikestolen.
So instead of driving back home we figured out we should go on a little journey around in Norway.


The bad luck

We had a really good plan as it was getting late.
Reached our first ferry but we thought it was to late and the next trip was next morning.
We drove around the building and checked the schedule and see that the ferry should go now. And it did, right in front of us… haha.. Next ferry was 1 hour later and we got on that one.

It was getting late so we had a great idea!
Christoffer would drive for some hours while I was sleeping and then we change after some hours.

Sounded really good but did not work out that well.

I fell asleep and so did Christoffer (While driving) so we ended up crashing in the fence.
Luckily we where only driving like 60 kmh and did not get hurt at all.
We had to wait 1 hour for the towing car to get there.

Then Christoffers car needed a little “spa treatment” yep, it needed to see a mechanic.


The bad luck continues!

So after hitching a ride with the tow car for 1 hour we had to wait another hour for the rental car shop to open. Then we drove for 1 hour to find out that the road was going to be closed for 2 hours.
(We where heading for Ålesund and had about 7-7,5 hrs left)

We decided to drive back 1 hour and change our route.
After checking the Gps we now had about 9-10 hrs left for Ålesund.


Reached our destination

We went straight to bed after 3 beers and some pizza.
The following morning was spent in Ålesund city where we filmed the city center and the citys viewing post (Fjellstua).

It was magical, the view was so amazing but we where a bit unlucky with the weather..
Rain and a bit windy but it did not stop us, however we had some difficulties with the drone.

It was getting so much interference with a satellite that we couldn’t really fly it properly.


The next destination: Trollstien

Our next Destination Trollstien, was so amazing!

The view was so spectacular as well as the road to get there.
We stopped many times to take the drone out for a spinn.
And also been shooting a lot with the GoPro.

After Trollstien we drove through gudbrandsjuvet, valldal and ended up in Tafjorden where we spent the night.


The last day

As we woke up, we headed straight to a near by place to get some insanely nice drone shots at the “zakariasdammen”.

Our last destination on this mini journey was Geiranger fjorden.
This was so epic. It felt like we drove straight into a fairytale.

This trip has been so amazing that I can not describe it with own words.
There is just so much to see, so many impressions and spectacular places.

We headed home but it took very long since we have to keep stopping for photos, droning and video taping.

But it has been so worth it!DCIM100GOPRO

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