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5 tips when traveling long distance!

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1. The first tip is to pack light.

You pack what you need but on long distance flights the maximum is normally around 20-23kg.
Aim to pack 3-5kg less than the limit. This will make room for some shopping at your new destinations.

If you are traveling a lot I would suggest to make a default packing list and by time refine your list so it suits your needs perfectly.
Bring pen and paper, you never know.

2. Dress smart.

I really hate going through the security scan over and over again.
Travel with cloths that are comfortable.
And I suggest to travel without a belt (Or a belt that is easy to take on/off)
Light shoes (Easy on easy off) and preferable no watch (Use ure phone) and most important in my opinion wear a cap or a hat. Why? cause its genius when you are emptying your pockets etc.
You put it all in the hat and send it through the scanner.
Then you are free to go, grab your hat/cap and start moving to your gate while you put ure stuff back
into pockets etc.

3. Travel with two bags.

I always prefer to travel with 2 bags.
1 bag being sent and one as hand luggage.
The reason is simple, I dont want my laptop, camera etc to be broken.
So I take the most valuable items in my hand luggage but not only that.
I will use the hand luggage as storage while on the flight.
Its not comfortable sitting on your wallet, have the cap on the head when trying to sleep or have your headsett hanging around your neck etc.

4. Make sure your batteries are fully charged.

On board the flight, I rarely use my laptop.
But I make sure its fully charged so when my phone (where I play my music) get low on battery
I can charge it on my laptop. It also works if you have a powerbank or both.

5. Music and comfort

As for music id recommend a good quality headsett instead of the standard IPhone pluggs.
If you get a good and solid headsett it will block out the sounds around you and will make your flight
a lot more pleasant. However if you are planing to sleep with your head against the window its probably better with pluggs. (And dont forget to download the music if you use spotify offline etc)AKG K 551
I use AKG K 551 as a headsett. And always remember to bring a good book to read.

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