A week to remember! The French Riviera & Italy!

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As I mentioned in my two previous post, I will make a post where I go in depth on how I planned my trip/trips.

I have visited 29 countries and I have now learned from my mistakes.
1. Being very bad at filming, taking pictures etc..
2. Not done my homework properly, so ending up visiting the same countries several times to see what I want.

That being said, this time I really did my homework and the trip (week) was simply amazing!

I had already visited France a few times but never had the chance to visit Cannes, St.tropez, nice along with Paris.
I have also been to Italy but didn’t have the chance to visit Venezia.

Me in Milano

So how to see it all at once? How to make the most out of 1 week?

We decided to make a trip too see the whole riviera along with Italy.
The places we ended up choosing was: St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Milano and Venezia in 1 week.

First we found some good tickets going to Nice, in France but then the week after when we where about to order the price had doubled.
(European championship in fotball)

So we redid our route slightly as we found half prices tickets to Milano, Italy.


We arrived in Milano June 20 and spent 1 night there.
The following morning, we spent shopping and exploring in Milano then rented a car and drove to Monaco.
We had 3 nights in Monaco but we did take day trips around Nice, Cannes and St.tropez as its not to far. (2 hr drive)
After our nights in Monaco we drove to Venezia to experience the canals at night time and slept 1 night.
The following morning was spent in Venezia and we drove back to Milano at the evening and spent our last days there.
We traveled home on June 27.



All this was on a tight budget, not cause we had to but cause we didn’t know what to expect.
However we broke the budget times 3.

How did we break it that bad?
Well we didn’t really expect to pay as much for a rental car, the gasoline was very expensive as well the parking and toll roads was highly priced.
(Some toll roads was around 50 euros, gasoline was around 2 euro pr liter in Italy, parking in Monaco was 25 euro pr day.)
Would we do the same again? Definitely! However Id highly recommend to rent the car online upon arrival its much cheaper.



We also lost our luggage when we arrived in Milano. ( I got my baggage delivered 4 days after my arrival and my friend got it after 5 days.)
This also turned out to be a bit pricey as we had to buy a new wardrobe for the trip.
On the bright side, we where in Milano so a fantastic place to shop for new cloths!
And I got a good insurance so everything i spent on cloths was refunded.


The best experiences that I would love to share from each place:

Milano: Absolute amassing place to do your shopping! The food is very tasty and the night life is 10 of 10!
By far the best nightlife I have experienced in the world when it comes to big city clubbing.
We went to a very high end place. Its called “Just Cavalli” and it has a very strickt dress code along with a nice Clientele.
The entrance will cost you 30 euros to enter but totally worth it!
I will highly recommend you to see the duomo Milano as the architecture is amassing!
Nearby the duomo is a Ferrari store with simulators and that was a really fun thing to do as well. (25 euro for 7min)







As for Nice, it was a cool place to see but nothing much to share about the place.
On this trip Nice was the least interesting place we visited.

And then there is Monaco.

The feeling when driving down the hillside was amassing, the view was spectacular!
It was very nice to see so much luxury at one place.
Everything from very expensive cars, jewelry, yacht etc.

What I recommend is to take the guided bus tour, it will show you so many nice spots in Monaco. (It costs about 22 euros).
We did walk around a lot in Monaco, and I will recommend that too as there is so much nice to see everywhere.
As for places to visit while you are there, Id highly recommend you to visit the Monte carlo casino! Its the most prestigious casino in the world!
It will cost you 10 euros to enter (Also remember to bring id/passport if not you will not be able to enter.)
If you are up for some drinks Id recommend not to drink to much in the casino as the prices are kinda stiff.
A very nice place to visit during the day if you are looking for a swim and nice cocktails is “Nikki beach in Monte carlo”
Its the perfect place for a day party. Its located on the roof top of Fairmont hotel.
Be aware that this is a very high end place so the prices are kinda high.
A sun bed is around 100-180 euros depending on the kind of bed you choose + you must buy a bottle of champagne!

My last tip for Monaco is if you are on a tight budget is to get a hotel on the french side. (its less then half the price.)

13524098_10154192793072778_305651368_o (1)

Entrance of Casino Monte Carlo, Monaco.


On top of Fairmont hotel: Nikki beach, Monte carlo, Monaco.



And then we visited Cannes, in the french riviera.

Do I recommend this place?
Yes its a great place with a nice harbor.
We did however eat a very over priced lunch here. Both of us had a plate of caprese with a soda. The bill was around 80 euros.
Was here during the day and not the night so we didn’t check out the nightlife here but I know its a good place to party as I`ve heard from friends who has
experienced it.



Another winner on this trip was Venezia.

So much special to see and experience.
I found one thing that was kinda bad and that was the amount of street sellers.
It is also very crowded here but totally worth it!
I dont have anything in particular to recommend but you should see the city from a boat.
There are different boats you can take. (taxi, bus or a gondol). We did a water bus tour and it was perfect for us.
It also just cost about 7 euros. The gondol was around 100 euros.

A tip here is if you want to save on your stay, you could have a hotel near Venezia and just take a train or bus to Venezia.
This will cut the cost about 50 % even when your hotel is really close.






Saint tropez!

I got mixed feelings about the place.
Its a nice little town to walk around, look at the yacht, have an ice cream and relax.
Keep in mind this is also a pricey place to be but well worth it.
If you are in St.Tropez I recommend you to check out the Nikki Beach club here as well.
The day party and the venue is great! It has about the same prices as Nikki beach in Monaco.




If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.
I will also start a youtube channel and prepare for my two next trips.
Next out is Paris on August 11 followed by the Philippines in october.

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