Venezia on a budget!

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Its been awhile since I`ve been in Italy, last time was maybe 12-14 years ago.
That trip was very exiting as well, I truly remembered the food and the nice weather.

However, I have traveled a lot to counties Ive been to before and even to same locations and such.
Whats different now is, that I`ve chosen new places to discover.
In my opinion I found the perfect route and went for it.

I will make another post here on the site with information on how I planned the trip and what I`ve experienced in a week.
Now however, let me tell you about the magic place of Venice.


The architecture is simply amazing but its a crowded and busy place.
I traveled with a friend of mine and we felt a bit weird since we are both men and its kinda a romantic city.


Well I guess we can say it was pure bromance.
Dont worry, there is a lot of families and such traveling there too.

Along with the rest of Italy the food was so amassing. (Gained 4.8 kg in a week, a good sign of a great vacation)
On this very spot Id say I got the best pizza I ever tasted. (was not to impressed with the presentation but the taste was priceless).
(Sadly I dont remember the name of the restaurant, its located at the very start of Venezia at the 2nd bridge)

One thing I noticed in Venezia, is a added tax.
When you look at the menu the prices are without tax (Or at least in our case)(Just a few euros).




As with most city’s there are pros and cons.
What I liked the most was the spectacular views and the feeling of seeing something so special.
However the prices are a bit stiff but if you are patient you will find decent stuff for a reasonable buck.
As for the gondol it was about 100 euros so we decided to not do it but find other ways to see the city from the sea.
So for a few euros we bought a waterbus ticket and got to see the whole city with ocean view.
We jumped off at St. Marcs place to see that as well.



To make this destination on a budget we choose to have a hotell not far from Venezia.
You will get a decent room for half the prices and it will only cost you 3 euros with the train to reach the city.



Would I recommend you to visit Venezia?
It depends, if you are looking for a party this is not the place.
If you wanna see something spectacular and only for a day or two id highly recommend it.


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